my gf said we can be fem!harryandlouis where am i

phil lester: money on my mind


things i am most looking forward to see when the WWAT starts tomorrow:

  • setlist
  • stage
  • hair


Songs Played at 24.4.14 Soundcheck

  • one thing
  • c’mon c’mon
  • loved you first
  • diana
  • through the dark
  • better than words
  • rock me
  • does he know


heads up

if i ever stop talking to you as much

  • its not you
  • there are a lot of things going on right now and idk what im doing and i often forget the fact that i have friends omfg
  • i still want to be close

if i ever message/text/call/ect you a lot

  • pls let me know bc i dont want to make you uncomfortable or bug you
  • be a Pal; dont let me make an asshat out of myself
  • ps its more than likely because i want to be close
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